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Ohayo to everyone out there who is checking out this page! This is Omi Tsukiyono bringing you a complete list of all of Apple-chan's favorite webpages(actually, she asked me to host this particular area) the guys seem to have a lot of grumble about helping Apple-chan. I can't imagine why. I don't really mind helping her out. I like her. Okay, she paid me to say that...just kidding ^_^..


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Weiß Kreuz Links

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The Japanese Official Weiß Kreuz site. This contains the latest among the lot of our show's compendium, that is, Weiß Kreuz Glűhen.

A page dedicated to me. This one contains lots of photos of me and my friends in different places and missions. It also contains info about me, my life, etc.

The first Weib Kreuz Site to be ever listed at the Anime Web Turnpike (and the first Weib Kreuz Website that Apple-chan has seen, according to her). This contains just about all the information you need to know about me and my friends.

The White Pages

Very informative site. Has translations, basic information about Weiß. One of Apple-chan's favorite site. She calls it a "Weiß Dictionary." Has lots of links on official sites, too. And cat sites. ^_^

Another Weiß dictionary, and also of the Japanese language, as this site contains virtually all the translations of everything WK, and a lot more.

A really nice Me-centered website made by Yueki-chan. It's got a lot of really cool stuff. Loads and loads, says Apple-chan.^_^


Reflection's page. A Yohji-kun lover, as you will notice in her page. And another great fanfic writer, says Apple-chan.


A really excellent site about our greatest nemesis, our enemies, Schwarz. Apple-chan says that if she was gonna make a site for those four clowns, this is how it would look like. "It's really great," she says. "Whatever," I say.


Mark West's page. Really nice. Apple-chan got most of her images here. It's very beautifully-done, says Apple-chan.

The Crossroads

Yuki Scorpio's website. As dictated by Apple-chan: "contains lots of images, excellent fanfiction, and updates about Omi and the rest of the gang." I think she means Aya-kun, Ken-kun, and Yohji-kun.^^;;; And uhm...the Schwarz lot. Yeah.^_^

Omi Mailing List(OmiML)

A mailing list dedicated to *ahem* me. Enough said.^^

Weib Kreuz Fan Fiction Mailing List(WKFF)

A mailing list of fanfiction (Urk! Just as long as they're not yaoi or hentai!)about me, my friends, and our enemies too.

Weib Kreuz Mailing List(WKML)

A mailing list dedicated to talking about me and my friends and our show and our seiyuus and other stuff.

Fanfiction Links


A recently reformatted-redesigned site with lots of fanfics and other literature about Weiß(that's us), Fushigi Yuugi, and GundamWing.

Contains fanfiction galore on virtually any anime, any movie, anything at all worth being a fanatic over. I'm not saying you're a fanatic, Apple-chan...well, maybe sort of, but....he, he...^_^

Other Anime Links

Not a Weiß Kreuz-centered page, but an all-around one. This contains fics, sounds, and lots of other stuff

 An online Fushigi Yuugi Encyclopedia that contains virtually everything one needs to know about Fushigi Yuugi…Apple-chan loves this site.

aniGif.gif Anime Web Turnpike

The ultimate anime source! Apple-chan is a regular visitor of this page!

Amber Anime Archive

An archive of lots of many different anime like Trigun, Fushigi Yuugi, and many others. Contains pictures, pictures, and lots of pictures.


A Rurouni Kenshin website solely devoted to Himura Kenshin and his sort-of-wife, Tomoe.

Tribute to Syaoran and Sakura

In a word, a tribute (or dedication, shrine, etc.) to Li Syaoran and Sakura Kinomoto of CLAMP'S Card Captor Sakura (hey, that's thirteen words...)^_^.

MP3 Links

Contains MP3s. Phoenixfeather has re-done this site.


Contains MP3s of Weiß and other famous anime.

Other non-anime Links

Lord of the Rings.Net

The official site of the Lord of the Rings Movie Trilogy. It's got nice screensavers, right, Apple-chan...?

South Park X

No. 1 Site in the South Park Top 50 which contains previously shown South Park Episodes and other South Park stuff.

Kenny's Empire

A site dedicated to South Park's famous Kenny McCormick who is famous for dying in every episode (including the movie one).

My Eric Cartman Site

A site dedicated to the famous Eric Cartman, the fat little kid in South Park with the funny voice (which Apple-chan loves to imitate).

Harry Potter Home Page

A website hosted by Warner Brothers, producer of the Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone Movie. COntains video clips, games, etc. You can even play quidditch online and enroll at Hogwarts!!!

Outpost Daria

A really great Daria Morgendorffer site. According to Apple-chan, of course. I mean, I don't really watch Daria. I can't, since we're both 2D. Anyway, Apple-chan's obsessed with Tom Sloane, Daria's boyfriend. That's about it.^_^


A site that's totally for computer enthusiasts(like me^^) and for those who wish to learn those codes used in pagemaking that look complicated but aren't really so...contains JavaScript, CGI, and of course, HTML tutorials plus some other great information.


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