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THIS SITE DOES NOT SELL FLOWERS. It's a site dedicated to Weiß Kreuz, the Anime series and radioplays and such. I'm a busy person, so it'll be perpetually under construction. Just email me for your suggestions, comments, reactions, anything you might wish to say. Happy browsing!^_^


August 14, 2007~~~> THANKS FOR 20K+ HITS!!! Sorry this site hasn't been updated for too long, but the sections you all want still work.^__^ For questions and comments, please sign the guestbook below, email me, or visit my livejournal, linked below as well.~~

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Aya's Bookcase: FanFic Section(I broke into Aya's property...sshh!)

Yohji's Mirror: Everything and anything else you may wish to know about Weiß Kreuz (hosted by the one and the only, Yohji Kudo^^)

Ken's Scrapbook: full of uh...scrap^_^;;;kidding! Updates to this page(with your host, Ken Hidaka^^)

Gratitude Panel: My thanks, mostly...

Omi's Computer: Links to other good pages(Courtesy of Omi's Computer)

Image Section: Images, pictures, and images...did I mention images?

Apple's Pie: Stuff about me, among other things

Apple-chan's LiveJournal: As it says.^_^

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This is my email address(as it says) so if you have like, questions or suggestions feel free to email me(especially if you have suggestions). Just click on Omi's face^_^. I'll try to reply back if I can.

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