cutie KenKen!!!
Ohayo, you soccer fanatics! *Apple sweatdrops* Apple-chan here asked--no *ordered* me to be the one to guide you through the updates of her webpage, specifically, this section. Though why she chose me, I can never figure out ^_^;;; Ok, let's get on with it!!!

16 July, 2003:

Oya, hayai da yo ne, Apple-chan...oh. Just that? *frowns in disappointment* I thought it was something really, really new. Well, Omi's kinda busy, isn't he...? *looks up wistfully* Maybe I should help him Why not? Eh...NANI?!?!?!? Did you just insult me?!?!? Alright, alright...*grumpily* New links. Two.New.Links. See. Links.Page. *glares at Apple-chan* Hmph.

15 July, 2003:

HWHHOAAA!!!!! Finally, at long last! Hisashibura da ne, Apple-chan...*smirks* Chapter 5 of your long-awaited fic project A Few Good Men is finally here!*jumps* Ne, I wonder when I'm gonna get to tell the story again, Apple-chan...?

10 June, 2003:

Ehh?!?!?!? Apple-chan? PINK?!?!?!? I thought you hated pink???*scratches head*'s cute, anyway...*looks at the crowd* Konnichiwa! Apple-chan's been busy the past two days redesigning Apple's Pie. Now it's all PINK! Look at it! Click on the link!^_^ Kawaii, ne? Flowers are so totemo totemo kawaii da!!!

28 May, 2003:

Zzzzzzzz......hrrrghhhawsh.....*Ken sleeps*

*drool hangs down from his mouth*

*a book comes flying from nowhere and lands on Ken's head*

Huh? Huh? *wakes up, looks around, startled* Who threw that? Who...APPLE-CHAN?!?!?!? You're back! Ehehehe...*scratches head* It's been...what, more than a YEAR since your last real update...what HAVE you been up to...? On-the-job-training, thesis, you say? And GRADUATION? You've graduated COLLEGE? WOW! Omedetto!!! Whoopee for you then!!! have you finally got some updates for us today?

*after several minutes*

Ohayo, minna!*KenKen jumps up and down eagerly* Have I GOT some updates for you today! Well...GUESS WHAT! GUESS WHAT! YOHJI'S SECTION IS FINALLY UP!!!!! YIPEEE YAHOOEEEY!!!!!!^_^ Just two sections of Yohji's corner >_< are available at the moment...though Apple-chan says that now that she has a lot of time to update, the other sections will be available very, very soon! That's very good news, ne?^_^ Go see Yohji's Mirror now! Go see it! Go, go, GOOOOO!!!!

26 March, 2002:

Hey, it's been a long time, Apple-chan...I was starting to miss you....*mischievous grin* I want to get paid....I said "PAID" not "LAID"!!!! Anyway, konnichiwa, minna! New updates at Omi's Computer and the Poetry section added to the Pie. Don't you worry, Yohji's section will be up really, really soon!!!

11 September, 2001:

Hello, hello!!! Good news!!! Yohji's section will be up soon!!! He and Apple-chan are working on it!!!So! New updates once again...two more chapters to one of Apple-chan's novels were added in the novel page. See it!!!

7 September, 2001:

W-H-O-O-A-A...??? It's been a long time since the last update,'ve been neglecting us...^^ He-he-he, just kidding. You know we love you as long as you keep paying us with all that st--OOMPH! Ouch! Alright! *rubs his head as Apple-chan stood behind him, holding a 500-page book in hand and looking at him warningly* I'll get down to business...Today, Apple-chan added a novel page in the pie section. It contains parts of some of Apple-chan's novels, actually, only one novel's available and only the Prologue and Chapter 1 of it are available, but you can check them fact I encourage it! Just don't steal or destroy her stuff! And speaking of stealing and destroying, for some MYSTERIOUS reason she's opened up an IMAGE SECTION for SCHWARZ. But I'm not complaining. In fact, why don't you go there now? Click here.*frowns at Apple-chan* Happy now?

26 April, 2001:

Apple-chan says, "What's the new thing in this site...? Point your mouse to the link and you'll see!!!" *Ken mumbles to himself* What do you need me here for, Apple-chan...? You're the one talking, anyway...*turns to the audience* Umm, bye now!!!! Enjoy your stay here!!!*mumbles again* Coz I'm not...I'd rather be playing soccer, but -NO- this -FRUIT- girl just had to drag me here...*gives Apple-chan a dirty look*

24 April, 2001:

Apple-chan says, "Nothing much...Just some really cute banners!!! Click the back button then scroll down to view them!!!"^_^ That's all!!!

19 April, 2001:

Congrats for 1000+ hits Apple-chan!!! That means congratulations to all of us...well, except maybe Yohji for his section isn't up yet...anyway, new links have been added. See Omi's Computer. And there's still the newly added images...images that have been added, like, last week, or the week before, I guess...see Apple's Pie. Then there's the new fanfic called The Boyband Chronicles. See Series 1 by clicking on the link. Well, that's about all for now. Gotta go. Sayonara!^_^

04 April, 2001:

Hello, I'm back, I'm's 6:04 pm and THE SUN IS STILL UP!!! What the heck, I'm back, Apple-chan's been bugging me all day long to get my fanny out of the soccer field and get my very handsome self in front of the computer...*everyone sweatdrops*...few may find that true, especially my*ahem* epecially my ENEMIES. Whatever.
Anyway, you all would be happy to know that my and Yohji's image sections are now happily available. Just click on the linked um...words...I'm gonna go my laundry...see yall...*a very tired Ken flashes Apple-chan a dirty look*

28 February, 2001:

Happy birthday, Omi, happy birthday, Omi, happy birthday, happy birthday...what's that, Apple-chan? NO FEBRUARY 29 THIS YEAR??!!?? Tough luck, Omi...look on the bright side, at least you're staying young...anyway, image section of Aya's is completed, plus some new pictures have been added. New backgrounds, too, for Omi's Computer, and here, as you can see. Also in Aya's section. See those in the main page. Click at the bottom of this page. Forget Yohji's section, it's still unavailable. Apple-chan says she can't find him when she's got a free time...he's always out on a date. Oh well, that's Yohji... See the image section here. Oh yeah, Chapter 4 of A Few Good Men has been uploaded last February 7, but Apple-chan's been loaded with schoolwork these past weeks...he-he...get it? Loaded? UpLOADED?!? *Apple and everyone else sweatdrop*

01 February, 2001:

Finally!!! At long last!!! An IMAGE SECTION!!! Yeah! Go Apple-chan!

21 December, 2000:

I'm too tired to link to the stuff so just click the bottom of the page to view the new versions of Omi's Computer and Gratitude Panel. Sayonara!

19 December, 2000:

Okayy, Apple-chan, you just *had* to wake me up, didn't you...? Hmpph...*grumpily* Chapter 3 of A Few Good Men was added today. Click on the link to see it. now GOODBYE!!!! *crawls back under the covers to sleep*

18 December, 2000:

A terrific day it is today!!! Christmas is just around the corner(actually, it's about a week away) and here I am again. Ken's Scrapbook was reformatted as you can see. The latest entry's at the top now, and the colors changed. Just so you know, the colors here are soo not my choice, but Apple-chan here says she's got no choice. I do like the bg, though^_^.


06 December, 2000:

Hi! Been a long time...Apple-chan's added a Chapter 2 to her fanfic(it's written in MY POV just so you know). That's all. She added some extra stuff on the foreword too...see it.^_^


25 October, 2000:

It's a Wednesday, and a nice day to play soccer *grumpily* I don't know why I still have to do this, but anyway...Apple-chan's added a new fanfic called Pawns of Power which she got from the WKFF. It's got a part 1, part 2, part 3, and a part 4.


23 October, 2000:

Okay, here I am, back again, and now the main page has a new background in case you hadn't noticed...I'm not gonna link to that anymore, just click the bottom of this page...and this page, too, has my face in a distorted made that...hey, if you'd like to use any of the bg's she made (the one on the main page and this one included), just email apple-chan. She'd appreciate that. And please, says, if you could please tell her how she should arrange those two group pix of ours at the top and at the end of the main? She's switching them around and can't decide between the two of them. Please mail her and end her misery...^^


17 October, 2000:

Well, there's a new format to this page in case you haven't noticed...if you like it or if you don't like it, just email her *points to life-sized fruit*.


16 October, 2000:

It's raining outside and I'm bored...alright, this time, I'm thankful that -she- dragged me out of boredom to do -something-. She reformatted Aya's Bookcase and (so she says) it looks readable now. Plus, she added a new fic, 12 pages long, Aya said. She wrote it, he said. Click here to see it. Plus, she gave a new background to Omi's, computer. And then, there's the front page...she seems to be always writing the date everytime she updates, and so she wouldn't have to do that anymore, she placed the date at the bottom of The Flowershop so she and everybody else knows what day it is^_^. It's updated, so it's convenient.


11 October, 2000:

Alright, here I am again after about almost three months, she drags me out of bed to write this up....anyway, so as not to annoy surfers with that "error 404" thingie that Tripod puts up when the page is not available, she put up an Unavailable sign. At least she can apologize to most of you using that ^_^;;;;;;. Uhum!!! And she also re-formatted the main page. It kinda looks familiar, like Sai's page...but she says that will be how it is until she thinks of something else...Guess that's it for now....I gotta get some sleep....Bye-*yawn*- see yaa-*yawn* all-*yawn*-soon.


24 July, 2000:

Yeah, Apple-chan says it's so cool not to have school today which is why she dragged me away from a soccer game to tell you that she rearranged Aya's Bookcase without his permission...she recorded their conV and placed it in the page...hehe...OW!

There's also a new fic here....Apple-chan wrote it and it's called Endless Black. You can view the first part now but view this first. Then, here's the Prologue.

Oh, yeah...she also has the chapter 2 and chapter 3 of The Fifth ready....Now can I go, Apple-chan...? Oh...OK. She said she needs me to carry some stuff back to her apartment. I'll be right back...


18 July, 2000:

OW!! I don't know why you have to drag me off so early just to write this for you, Apple-chan....hrmph! Anyway, she was so happy coz now at long last she has a links page! Yup, Omi allowed her to make use of his computer for her links page. Hey, come closer...just to warn you *lowers his voice* it sucks........OW!!! It was a joke! Ok, to view that page, click here.


17 July, 2000:

That's today!!! On this great day to play soccer, instead of me playing, I had to write this. She made the stuff for the Gratitude Panel and I guess I should be greatful coz me and the guys were mentioned.


14 July, 2000:

On this day until forever, MY scrapbook will no longer be empty coz I have it now filled with stuff that SHE-*point to life-sized fruit*-ordered me to tell you.-_- And yeah, she also added a new fic to Aya's Library called The Fifth. Wanna see it? Click here.


13 July, 2000:

On this fine day, she reformatted the main page(though actually, it still looks the same); she also added a disclaimer at the front and made a page entitled *ahem* Ken's Scrapbook


11 July, 2000:

This is the day when she renamed the fanfic section from the one above to -ahem- Aya's Bookcase. That one's true. Aya does have a bookcase and I canNOT believe you would break into his prop-ERWUSHJ! *Apple clamps a hand in his mouth* Hrr, hmph. As I was saying, this is also the day when she added areas in her page such as *laughs* Youji's Mirror and Omi's Computer, both of which are -under construction-


7 July, 2000:

This is the day when she patented the fanstuff section(patented? What the heck does that mean?)and made it an exclusive fanfic section(even though I've been calling it that for the last few sentences)and called it as *grins* Omi's Library. Funny, I've never been to his library. Is that in the shop, or could it be in YOUR house, Apple-chan...?


6 July, 2000:

This is the day when she added the fic When You Gonna Learn to the fanfic section.


4 July, 2000:

This is the day when she added a couple of fanfics to the fanstuff section, namely Y-O-K-A, The White King and the Dark Lord Mage, and In Five Years. Click here for the fanfic section.


Late April, 2000:

This is when she decided to make a webpee dedicated to four handsome,wonderful guys, namely...US!! *Apple whaps him with a pillow* Ow! Ok, so that's it, folks. To view the main page, click here.

Oh, Ken, you are so...*hrr* annoying sometimes...
Hope you like the new stuff (I helped make them ^_^)! Bye now....*ho-hum* Geez, I'm soo bored.... Hey Apple-chan, when are you gonna pay me...? Hee-hee....kidding....


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