Weiß Kreuz: TV Series

Weiß: Aya Omi Ken Yohji

Kritiker: Persia Manx Birman Botan

Takatori: Reiji Shuuichi Kikuno Hirofumi Masafumi Ouka Mamoru

Schwarz: Crawford Schrudich Farfello Nagi

Schreient: Hell Neu Schein Tot


Xs: Tomoe Sakura Fujimiya Aya-chan Momoe-san


Who are Weiß? That's Weiß Kreuz or "White Cross" to you... Who are they? Eh...well, according to their commander, Persia, Weiß are tasked to "hunt the tomorrow of the dark beasts." Translating that to normal English, "ensure that bad guys will not see their future." Translating that to simple English, "kill the bad guys so they can't ever kill again." That's the way I see it, anyway. So who are they? Weiß are a group of men whose age ranges from 17 to 22, who are paid by Persia to finish off the criminals who walk free because of influence, power, money, and one of the 7 deadly sins...greed. Anyway, let's meet them, shall we?

Fujimiya Aya

Well...you really wouldn't get to like this guy much if you're the type who digs friendly, cheerful guys. This guy is...uhm...kinda like...Squall of Final Fantasy VIII, only Squall's more good-looking. Meaning no disrespect to Aya fans, of course.^^ Anyway, he's second oldest in the group, being 20. His birthday is the 4th of July. His codename is Abyssinian, this red-haired cat that looks kinda like him. Probably acts like him too. Anyway, in the series, he keeps mostly to himself and does things his own way. No one really knows what he's thinking most of the time, except perhaps perceptive Omi, but we'll go to him later.  He uses a katana (Japanese sword) all throughout the series. He kind of gets to like...I repeat, LIKE a certain girl called...uhm...Sakura Tomoe a bit in the series, but ONLY for the sole reason that she kinda resembles his sister, his little sister, the REAL Aya. So what's this guy's real name? It's Ran. As in the orchid RAN. Or as in the past tense of RUN. Oh yeah, his image flower is the rose, symbolically meaning, he is "as beautiful as a rose, but as lethal as its thorns." Um. Go figure. Did you perhaps notice I don't like him? Well, I don't. Not alone, anyway, if he's with Ken, I like him. No offense to non-yaoi fans, of course^^.

Tsukiyono Omi

Alright, how do I describe him if words aren't enough to describe how perfect he is? *Sigh* Sorry about that. I think it's kinda obvious I'm partial to him. Okay, not just partial, in reality, I LOVE HIM. Since that very first episode, I have been in love with him. I can't say much about his taste in clothes, though. Especially in the OAV! Ugh. The spandex looks good on Heero Yuy, not him. I can forgive the shorts, but SPANDEX! Please...! In all fairness, though, he looks good in pants. But then, Omi looks good in anything! Even without anything...hehehe...*mischievous grin* ahem...excuse me for being hentai...anyway, if you're the type who digs friendly, cheerful guys, Omi's the one for you. He's also very responsible and very smart. He doesn't look the part (for he's only about 5'4") but he's actually the leader of Weiß, as he is the one who controls and directs all their operations, probably because he's the only one who can, being a computer expert and hacker and all. He uses a crossbow to kill and darts to inflict pain. I repeat: crossbow=kill; darts=pain. He's also the youngest in the group, as he's only 17. But being the youngest doesn't mean that he's the one with the least experience (I don't mean that in a hentai way). He's experienced a lot in his young life, which may be the reason why he's so perceptive about people. Or maybe he got that from his dad. His REAL dad. More about that later. He's close to all the guys, mostly to Ken, I think, because they have a lot of similarities.  His codename's Bombay, that crossbreed cat that looks like a panther with golden eyes. Lovely cat^_^. His image flower is freesia, little fragrant blossoms that come in many different colors, blue and purple included. Just like him, probably--petite, but incredibly fragrant and extremely beautiful^_^. Need I say more?

Hidaka Ken

Extremely hot. Hot-blooded, that is. He blows up easily during bad times. Also, there's a kind of description about him going around--that he's got no brain, but I don't believe that. He's got brains, he just doesn't use it a lot. He tends to act before he thinks, and I think that thing people say about him being stupid is because of the decisions he's made in life. His mistakes, particularly about that friend of his, Kase Koichirou, his relief goalie in J-league. Speaking of that, before he was Weiß, he was the star goalie of his team in the Japanese Soccer League. He's a very good player. Very cute, too.^_^ This pretty boy's my second favorite, mainly because he looks good. He uses bugnuks when he fights. That's bugnuks, aka tiger claws. Heh. Go figure. Like Aya's sword, he's a short-range fighter. He also has a mean kick, being a soccer player and all. Anyway, I was talking about Kase. He framed Ken back in J-league, which caused Ken to be kicked off the team. Later on, in the series, Ken killed him. Info about Ken is next. First: he's Catholic. I'm serious, he really is. He grew up in a Catholic orphanage, or so he says in one of the DPs. Second: his codename's Siberian...and I don't know how that cat looks like.^_^;;; A little help here, anyone? Third: his image flower's that hairy Gentian. I don't know if that smells like anything, all I know is that it's hairy. Velvet-like, or whatever. Hmm...is Ken hairy? Does he have chest hairs or something? Is he good in bed? *grin* Gosh, I'm such a hentai. Anyway, Fourth: he's the second youngest after Omi, being 19. His birthday's December 23, 2 days before Christmas. Fifth: of his three friends, he's closest to Omi because of the age and because Aya, who is only one year older, is a loner.  Sixth and final: he's good with kids. Very good. And oh yeah, he rides a motorcycle. A real cool one. Omi rides one too. Aya rides a car. A nice car. A big one. Maybe he shares it with Ken.^_^ Excuses to non-yaoi fans, once again.

Kudo Yohji

Womanizer. One word to describe this guy is exactly -THAT-. But in fairness, there are some pix wherein he looks really, really, REALLY good. Looks probably come with age. Or not. That has yet to be proven, anyway. I'll give Omi two years, and if I see him and he LOOKS REALLY GOOD (which I'm sure will happen), then I'll make that theory half-confirmed. Now, if Aya turns 30 and his looks improve, then we'll call my theory a FACT. Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes. He's a womanizer, but we can't really blame him when girls throw themselves at his feet. But you gotta hand it to him, though. He doesn't pickup girls younger than 18. He's never serious about anyone, anyway. Except maybe for that Asuka Murase, his partner who died. Partner in what? In detective work. Before Weiß, Yohji was a private detective. He and Asuka were partners, but in a mission, she died and he was wounded and from that time on, he became a part of Weiß. Anyway, in spite of being a womanizer, you can't help but like this guy--although I know he has the least amount of admirers among all four of them--but he's a terrific guy. He cares about his friends and you'll know it. Aya cares too, but he never shows it much. Anyway, he's closest to...uh...Omi, I think. He makes fun of Omi a lot. He's close to Ken too. He and Ken fight sometimes. Final information: his birthday's um...March....13? A little help here, please? His image flower's called Cattleya, a pretty orchid with no odor.^^ His codename's Balinese, which reminds me of a dancer, and he drives a cute little car--a Super Seven, it's called. I think he's also sort of a racer, though that's never accounted for anywhere in the series. Oh, and one last thing: he's sort of a long range fighter, as he uses deadly wires which are sort of spun around his digital watch. Must be some pretty tough set of wires. Rustproof wires. Piano wires, probably. I think he's also good in fist-fight, though I don't know that for sure.


Kritiker...I'm not sure how this translates to English. I think it's "spy" or something. Anyway, "Kritiker" is the main operative that gives Weiß their missions and assignments. That's about it. Kritiker is also an underground organization of the Police Force, headed by none other than...


Yup. Persia. As in that cat with the grumpy face. This is a codename, obviously. Do you notice the pattern? Abyssinian, Bombay, Siberian, Balinese, and now Persia? And later on, it's Manx, Birman, and Botan...? All cats. Anyway, as I've *hinted* this guy's the head. The main commander. The head monster, eh, I mean, head of Kritiker. His real name is...I'm not telling. ^_^. Hehe. You'll know that later on. Anyway, he's the one who collected these four young men whom we know as Weiß. He's the one who appears on the screen of the TV in their basement, the one who says, "hunt the tomorrow of the dark beasts." He's also the one who pays them and sustains their flowershop, aka their command base. Or basement. He's also probably the one who gave them the computers, the appliances, their cars, and motorcycles. He's pretty rich, as you will notice. You'll also learn later on WHY he's so rich. I think I'll end with that. Anyway, Persia has three assistants, namely...


Manx is the red-haired woman who wears socks with her high heels. Weird fashion sense...anyway, she also loves to wear red, if you hadn't noticed. At the start of the series, she's the one we see most often. I think she's the one who gives them the missions from Episodes 1 to 15, Season 1, in other words. She's about...um, 22 or something. Her real name, if I remember correctly, is Hanae Kitada. Or something like that. She also has some...uh..."feelings" for Persia, as is seen a bit in one of the last few Episodes of Season 1 and in the Dramatic Precious Series just before she d...um....nothing. Ehe, he...^_^;;; Either she has feelings for him or it's just my warped twisted sick imagination, I'm not sure.


Birman is the pretty lady who gives Weiß their missions from Episode 16 up to the end. I think her real name's Kyoko Takaoka or whatever, and she's about 23.  She also has blue hair. There's nothing really about her, personally that is shown all throughout the series. In the OAV, she doesn't even appear. In the Dramatic Precious Series, however, she plays a small part, and she's shown here a little bit as a person, but unfortunately, she d...um...here I go again. What I'm trying to say is, unfortunately, she doesn't do much. Yeah, that's it. Anyway, read my DP summaries for more information.


Botan's probably a one-shot character, but...you know...he's Kritiker, so I'm adding him here. The only one of Weiß whom he actually related to in the series is Aya, because they have some similarities. Anyway, he's Kritiker, and...that's about it.^_^;;;


The Takatoris are an influential, political, powerful family in Japan. At the start of the series, Aya is always shouting, "Takatori!"...^_^;;;...Eh...well...these Takatoris are the main targets of Weiß in Season 1. But there's a little twist here, as you will see as you go on reading. THERE'S A LOT OF SPOILERS AHEAD, SO GET READY! Anyway, the Takatori family has several members namely...


Reiji, the politician. He is the known head of the Takatori family in the TV series, being the eldest. There's no other known brother of Reiji other than Shuuichi. He has three sons, namely, Hirofumi, Masafumi and Mamoru, and one daughter, Ouka. How do I describe him? Hmm...let's see...he's selfish, greedy, arrogant, merciless, and he commits 6 of the 7 deadly sins. He's no sloth, of course, because he works VERY hard to get everything he wants, and he does EVERYTHING to get anything he wants. And with everything I mean EVERYTHING. Even kill. Yeah, kill. He does a lot of illegal stuff. What else...? Oh yeah, his youngest son, Mamoru, got kidnapped when he was eight years old, but never did he once thought of rescuing his son. Also, he doesn't have much affinity with his other children, except perhaps Ouka. He doesn't get along with his brother much, either. But he's a very powerful businessman, and incredibly intelligent, as well, I think. Why intelligent? Because one of his sons is so smart, so intelligent, that he's practically at the point of insanity.^_^;;; Heh.


Shuuichi is Reiji's younger brother. Let me see...he's younger, nicer, and more good-looking than his brother. Even if he is old, he still looks good. Now we know why Omi's so cute^_^. Okay, that's one spoiler out there for you. Shuuichi Takatori is Omi's real father. Omi's real name is Mamoru.  More about that later. Shuuichi is also the Head of the Police, the Director of the Police, and the Head of Kritiker. In other words, he's Persia. Now take a look at this: Reiji=illegal activities, Shuuichi=Director of the Police. You do the Math. Anyway, Shuuchi never married, but he did father a son, but he never knew that until Reiji told him, just before he was k...um...anyway, he fathered a son, so who's the mother? She is none other than...


Kikuno is not alive anywhere in the series. In fact, she isn't alive anywhere, except in Shuuchi's memories. In the flashback scenes in one of the episodes, we'll find out that Kikuno and Shuuchi were lovers. But later on, we'll see that she married Reiji. Hmm...is this another one of Reiji's schemes? Probably. Anyway, Kikuno was never happy with Reiji, although they did have two sons. It was said that she became insane until she eventually killed herself. I don't believe that, though. I'm guessing she killed herself right after Mamoru was kidnapped and rumored to be dead. In my opinion, when Mamoru was born, she became a little tad bit happy because she and Shuuchi were able to create something with their love in spite of everything, in spite of her unhappiness with Reiji. She probably loved Mamoru a lot more than she loved his brothers. And so when Mamoru was kidnapped (plotted by Reiji, I'm guessing) and then rumored to be dead, what little was left of her happiness came crumbling down and eventually so did she. Did she die of unhappiness? Or of a broken heart...? Perhaps both.


Hirofumi is the oldest of all Reiji's sons. He tries very hard to please his father, and he does everything his father wants him to do. He wants to be the perfect son because his younger brother Mamoru was dead and his other brother Masafumi was a sick twisted genius who doesn't care about anything but his experiments. Anyway, he does everything his father wants him to do, thinking that it was his duty as a good son to do his father's bidding. He is so obedient, it's almost sickening. In a way, he's also a sick twisted person. Obviously, I don't like him. But I feel sorry for him. I think he really does love his family, that's why he wants to please his father. In his opinion, he is the only one his father has left--his mother was dead, his brother was dead, his other brother was insane, and his uncle Shuuchi was...minding his own business (or so he thought^^). We can call what he does...blind obedience--as in doing things for his father even though they're wrong just so he can fulfill his ambitions. Anyway, his sad sorry life ended when Omi shot him an arrow in one of the episodes. Which episode was that? Find out in the summaries.


Masafumi is the sick twisted genius I was babbling about up there in Hirofumi's description. He's a genius who heads the Korin company owned by the Takatoris. It's this drug company that uses people to perform their experiments on. He collects body parts--skins, body organs, whatever. For what reason? Experiments. He wishes to have eternal life. He's got an assistant in his experiments, known as Hell. More about her later. In one of the episodes he uses some sort of potion he concocted and turned a young man into a monster. In another episode he himself turned into a monster.>_< Ugh. I told you he was a sick twisted person.


Ouka is Hirofumi and Masafumi's half-sister. She's sort of a rich spoilt bratty girl at the start. She's a frequent customer at Koneko no Sumu Ie, the Weiß boys' flowershop. She has a huge crush on Omi, and buys flowers in the shop to give to him. At first, even if she repeatedly pursues Omi, he ignores her, but eventually, he falls in love with her. Unfortunately, some time later, she and Omi find out that they're -related-. That they're brother and sister, because Omi was actually Mamoru Takatori, Reiji's youngest son (N.B. The only people who knew about Omi being Shuuichi's son was Reiji and Kikuno, so in everyone's eyes, he was Reiji's son). Anyway, right after Omi finds out that Ouka was his sister, she dies.


As I've said, in the eyes of the whole world, excluding Reiji and Kikuno (but she's dead), Mamoru was Reiji's youngest son. When he was estimatedly eight years old, he was kidnapped and his father never rescued him. The one who rescued him was...Shuuichi, aka Persia. Persia gave him a whole new identity, a whole new life, and named him...Omi Tsukiyono. For some reason, Omi forgot all about his past, his childhood as Mamoru Takatori, and his kidnapping. My theory is that because of one nightmarish experience, he was so devastated that he chose to forget it all, along with his childhood. Anyways, what was Mamoru like...? Well, I guess he's the same as Omi (duh) minus the nightmarish experiences.


Translate this word to English---what do you get? Black. Translate Weiß to English---what do you get? White. Black vs. White. A group of men, the ones and the only foe--very formidable ones---of Weiß. Enough said.

Brad Crawford

Ah...well, him. Brad. He's commonly known as Crawford in the whole series, as that's how he's normally addressed by Reiji and his fellow Schwarz. He's 27, and he's my absolute favorite bad guy in this Anime. I don't have many pictures of him, though. Can't find any real solo ones. Anyway, he can tell the immediate future. He's an oracle. He has ESP, or extra-sensory perception. In normal, layman English, this means, he can sense what is about to happen, BEFORE they happen. Did that make sense? Well, if it didn't, duh.>_< Just kiddin'. Anyway, he usually bugs Aya, and he usually wins against Aya, except at the very end where no one really won (Ha! thought I was gonna say, "except at the very end where Aya eventually won..." didja? I told you, I don't like Aya). For the love of Crawford (or Brad as I call him), I gave him a special role in my fanfic, the development of which, is yet to be seen. Check it out! It's called A Few Good Men.


Second to Brad, this guy's my favorite. He's got a lot of character, even though what he mainly does in the series is...um..bug Weiß, particularly Omi when Ouka...when he and Ouka were...something. I can't say.^_^ Anywuzz, he's about 22, he has some sort of ESP-ic abilities, too, like all of Schwarz do. He's got super speed, or else he's just really got an amazing agility, and he's an empath, which means he can sense other people's feelings. He's also a telepath, which means he can sense other people's thoughts. Or read, as the case may be. He can also manipulate people's brains. Or thinking. Or mind. Heh, whatever. He's got very useful talents, enough said.


The only good thing about this guy--he can kill people without experiencing guilt, which is probably why Reiji and SZ hired him as one of Schwarz in the first place. The only three human beings he gets along with and speaks with are the other three members of Schwarz (but in my fic, he also talks to someone else. Check it out so you'll know!). According to one of the episodes (which I dubbed " the history of farfello"^^), he used to be a normal boy, who, along with other normal children, was devoted to the teachings of a nun. But he went on a sick twisted killing rampage for some reason. Family problems? Identity problems? Perhaps both. He apparently killed all of his family, and since then, he was a sick twisted person. He does have his moments, though. Like in that episode, he...um, I'll leave that to the episode summary part, ne?

Also, his abilities, um...he's um...thick...skinned. Literally. He can feel no pain. At least, that's all I know, and what do I know, anyway...?

Oh yeah, by the way, according to my sources, "Farfello" was the name of one of the devils in Dante Alighieri's Inferno. Check out that book! It's geek-ish, but really, it's very good. At least once you understand it...


The youngest, most famous, most innocent member of Schwarz, Nagi Naoe. I'm happy we're here, not only because I'm doing Nagi, but also because being here means we're actually reaching halfway through this page. Ah, the bliss! Oh yeah, doing Nagi. Not in the hentai way.^_^ He's the youngest of all of Schwarz, being only 15 (I'm guessing 15 and a half, though.) He's the strongest of all four members, being a telekinetic, which means he can move objects with his mind. Telekinesis is a little complicated, though. Nagi can handle it well, but still, it's complicated. He's a very formidable foe for Omi. Too formidable. Too much, even. By the way, He's Japanese, and his name means "calm, lull". Crawford's American, Schu is German, and Farfello's Irish.


The word, when translated, means "screaming" or "cry." Duh. Go figure. They're a group of sick sad twisted women hired by Masafumi because he was jealous of his father and Schwarz. Okay, that's not really true, but it might be. They used to be normal, not sick sad and twisted, but well, things happened...they are, namely...


The leader, aged 27. Her real name's Chizuru Aoi, formerly of the Japanese Self-Defense forces. Her name, in German, means "bright". As in smart bright, not light bright (although I used to think it was light bright. Heh). She uses scissors, but in my opinion, she's the best one of the lot, as all of them are practically useless. She's too much in love with Masafumi, her boy-friend, that she continued his sick sad crazy stupid disillusioned experiments even after his death (she didn't have much to live from then on, come to think of it). Anyway, she died. Yeah, she did, the poor girl.


The name, when translated from the German, means "new." Very fitting, as this girl, no matter how much she denies it, was formerly a private detective, formerly a lover, formerly a girlfriend, of Yohji's, named Asuka Murase. Yep, the same one rumored to have died from a gunshot during her and Yohji's mission in Green-something. Why did I say fitting, you ask? Well, she apparently lost her memory after that gunshot. In my own take, she lost it, or something made her lose her memory...a drug of some sort...? Look back at the second opening credits...there's a screen shot there of a syringe with some stuff coming out of the needle...when I saw this, something made me think of Asuka and Neu. Anyway, more on Asuka, Neu, and Yohji in the episode summaries. But I'll tell you one thing you should know: she dies. Who killed her...? I'll give you a clue. It starts with a "Y" and ends in an "I." If you haven't figured it out, well....you'll find out.^_^


Okayy, five more to go...in one info site, her name's spelled as "Schoen," and translating from the German, this means "beautiful." Formerly a model named Karen Kitaura, this blonde b**ch is one of those people who suffers the "I'm so beautiful" syndrome. In one of the episodes, Ken scratches her face a bit and she freaks, saying "you'll pay for what you did to my beautiful face." >_< Duh. Anyway, she dies. She does...from a gunshot, the b**ch.


Or "Toto." This girl's 17, but she has the mind of a two...no, wait, she doesn't! She hasn't got a mind, period. But she does have a heart, because at some point in the series, she falls in love with Nagi. Yesss, my friends, she does. She's a little bit of...okay, a big airhead. She's an airhead, she's an airhead! She's crazy, enough said. And no, unfortunately, even through hands-on stabbing (and Farfello's hands-on stabbing at that), she doesn't die.


The ultimate bad guyzzz...the beginning of all the hell...THE SZ. Pronounced roughly as "esutseto" or something like that.  Three senior citizens, two old men, one old lady, all of them having supernatural powers, not only limited to ESP, but also, black magic. At least, I think so. Remember those last few episodes? Those chants? If that's not black magic, then what the hell is it? Voldemort? Tch. I'm just kidding, of course. But seriously, what do you think it was...? Let me know.

Oh yeah, by the way, these guys were never introduced singularly, so no names...we can call them old lady, old man #1 and old man #2. ^_^

Hmm...maybe "SZ" means "Senior Zitizens." >_<

Yohji: Apple-chan, how corny can you get...?

Apple: Shut up. Moving on to...


Tomoe Sakura

Um...well....I dig the name Sakura, as I'm crazy about Sakura Kinomoto, but this character is one pathetic waif. I mean it. Excuses to her fans, though. She is desperately seeking a one-sided love with Aya, but never got it, and before the end of the series, almost killed Aya (and almost got killed). Sad, pathetic waif. She first appeared in that episode where this sick doctor was stealing body organs from live people. I think that's episode 6. Later on, because she looked so much like Aya's sister, and because of her pursuit of the one-sided love, she becomes sort of a main character. That sucks, man.

Fujimiya Aya-chan

Em...another waif. I have nothing against her, though, but the only sick part of this whole Weiß series was the fact that the story seemed to revolve mainly around Aya and his sister, Aya-chan. Even from the start, you can see it. And that ending sucks. I seriously like the OAVs and the DPs better. Anyway, where was I...? Oh yes, this is Aya's sister, the girl who was in a coma who finally woke up in the last episode. Tch.


An old lady who looks after the shop when the boys are busy with missions and such. She doesn't play any major role, really, except that she covers for the boys whenever possible, like she did somewhere at the very end of Season 1 of the series. She's in the characters section because...well...she appears in several episodes, so she's no one-shot character. That's it.

So, that's it! Finally, this section is coming to its end...AH, THE BLISS! For your questions, comments, and additions, feel free to email me. Gotta G~O~O~O~O~O!!!!!

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