Gratitude Panel

Before I begin, let me just say a couple of things:
Weiß Kreuz all original artwork and story are (c)Koyasu Takehito and Project Weiß, 1998-1999. Likewise, all original stuff here in The Flowershop that aren't (c)Weiß are (c)Apple-chan, 1999-2000. You or anyone else are free to use any of the stuff here, provided you give me credit for them. However, certain stuff here need permission before you can use them(like the fanfics, for example). If you want to use any of the stuff here, particularly the text, please ask permission first.

I don't want to sound like a research paper or anything particularly similar to that but most of my work usually end up sounding like so^_^;;;; -anyway- if I get a little technical or too formal in any of the areas here, just ignore it. Or you can email me your suggestions and comments. I'd appreciate that.

Er, this is suppose to be a thank-you section, so I'll go right to the thank-you's.

First of all, thanks to the high and mighty force up there who created everything on earth--including this overactive life-sized fruit.

Second, thanks to all my family and friends--for being there for me, mostly. Thanks especially to all my Anime' pals, to whom I was able to share this crappy peeji. A special thanks to my Oneechan(whom I dare not name^^)for putting up -patiently- with all the time I spend in front of his computer, for using all his printer ink to print Weiß Kreuz, Ranma 1/2, Yuyu Hakusho, Escaflowne, Rurouni Kenshin, Flame of Recca, GundamWing, etc. stuff, -and- most especially for allowing me to fill half his hard drive space with anime pix, fanfics, and MP3s. Another special thanks goes to my older sister, my Oneesan for sharing the bill when I buy Anime stuff like posters, comics, videos and CDs. And also for patiently waiting in the store when I get sidetracked^^(she enjoys it, anyway).

Many thanks to my friends: Pamela, the perpetual lover of red-haired, sword-wielding bishounen for ranting and raving on and on about Aya Fujimiya's greatness and for pressuring me to finish this peeji. Patricia, the ultimate lover of weird-looking bishounen, i.e. think Hiei^^ for all her gushes about Ken Hidaka and raves about Shinji and Kaworu yaoi--another yaoi lover like me! Kuwami, the greatest Otaku I've ever known but who is now into J-rock, for being my ultimate source of Anime'--I think her peeji's still out there someplace. Could I have put it in Omi's Computer? You'll have to check and see. Margaret, the other great Otaku and Ken Hidaka lover for being my other anime source. Lyda, my "partner in crime'--the other Ken Hidaka lover(as if there weren't enough Ken Hidaka lovers)who will listen to me forever rave on and on about all the bishounen I love. And also for being another who loves yaoi!!! And also for being my constant stable source of hard(as in printed) copies of fanfics. And of course to all my other friends, namely: Joyce, Dawn, Jalett, Tessa, Donna, Lani, Pher, Aubrey, Cathy and Catherine--all of them are not anime fans and they probably never will be--although Dawn and Lani are a little on the verge--for patiently(and even impatiently)listening to us Otaku friends of theirs rave and rant and gush on and on for whats seems like forever about anime' almost to a point of annoyance^^. Thanks, you guys! I love you! Mwah!

Many thanks also to those wonderful people I know online who have been so kind as to provide me with all the stuff I need for my peeji--and then some.

To the people of the WKML,--to each and everyone of its 200+ members, many thanks for making me feel welcome and for patiently answering all my questions even if they do get annoying sometimes^_^;;;;. Arigatos to YS for allowing me to use her fic, "When You Gonna Learn" for my peej; to Van Donovan for allowing me access to the fics in his page; to Reflection for allowing me to use Y-O-K-A here in my peej; to Suboshi-san for uploading the MP3 of Bossanova Cassanova for me when I couldn't seem to find it; to J for being the savior of us who don't know Japanese by creating a peeji with Japanese to English translations; and to Deena for donating her fic, "Waking Onto Lantern's Bright" for me to use on my peej. Thanks, everyone!

To the people of the WKFF, thanks. I'm a newbie here so I haven't seen anything much yet. Thanks to NightMajik who was the first one to welcome me via private email in the ML inspite of her busy schedule, and also for letting me see her peej(which is great). Thanks to all the members (some of whom are also members of the WKML so double thanks to you!^^) for your fanfics and other stuff. Thanks!

To the individual people I know online, thanks.

To Calico-chan, owner of Omi's Place, thank you so much for all the stuff in your peeji that you allowed me to use in mine, and thanks for all the help you've been giving me while I made my page. Thanks also for answering all my questions even if they're sometimes a little -too- crazy^_^. Thank you!

To Ryan, or Black Howling, or Scar Face, or Jamapi--whatever you call yourself these days, thanks for allowing me to be one of your online friends. Looking forward to your mails! And P. S. don't forward me any more messages, hear? Thanks again!

To Azrael for giving me all the info I asked about the WeiB Kreuz OAV videos and all other anime' videos. Thanks, and yeah--I'll pick up mine sometime soon, I hope. Thanks again!

And to Flori, who is Lyda's friend, thanks for allowing me to use your fic "The Fifth" here in my peeji. "Long live all beautiful Otakus!," as she says. Thankee!

Thanks also to the Webmistress of the WK Webring and of The White Cross--Sai, whom I don't know but I thank because her page is the very first Weiß Kreuz page I've seen on the net. Thanks!

To all the other White Cross peejis(the ones on top) at Anipike, thanks! Hey, check this page if it contains your stuff. If it does, tell me so I can thank you properly^^

To all the people I've mentioned, thank you so much. And to YOU who is reading this, thank you for reading! And if you--yes, YOU--if for any reason I should thank you(you know--if I used any of your stuff without giving you credit?), tell me. Email me your comments, suggestions, violent reactions, marriage proposals, etc.

And, of course, last but certainly not the least, to the force behind this website--to the four bishounen, namely: Omi Tsukiyono, Ken Hidaka, Aya Fujimiya and Yohji Kudo--a big kiss, hug and thanks to you guys! MWAH!

Omi, Ken, Aya, Yohji: >_< AAAH!!! Life-sized fruit alert!

Aya: Prepare to be sliced!

Yohji: Prepare to be strangled!

Ken: Prepare to be...uh...chopped? No, wait...slashed? No, no...

Omi: And prepare to Hmm...stabbed?

Apple: This is the -thanks- I get for making you guys a peeji? Honestly...

Omi: Can we just forget about killing her?

Ken: She does love us...

Yohji: Yeah, but she also loves Schwarz...

Aya: Ok, then, let's KILL SCHWARZ!!!! Yahhh!!!!

Apple: Hn. *sighs* to all the people I've mentioned here, thank you, all of you!!! *Hugs everyone* Thanks to you guys too *pulls Omi, Ken, Aya and Yohji away from Schwarz and hugs them*

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