Weiß Kreuz: OAV Series


Hibana: Akira Kaori

Americans: Nichol Powell

Kaori's classmates: Yukie Akane Reina


If you're here in the OAV characters section, then you know Weiß. so I don't have to elaborate. Anyway, in my estimation, the timeline of the OAV is some couple of months after the end of episode 25 of the series. Here, the boys are no longer in the flowershop where we have come to know them; instead, they're off traveling to different parts of Japan, still selling flowers, using a...moving flowershop. A trailer, that is. The inside of the trailer serves as the boys' living quarters and mission base. Yeah, mission base. Weiß never sleeps. Weiß now coming to your nearest train station...erm. Anyway, in the OAV, the boys are in Kyoto, as far as I remember. The characters in the OAV are...


The central family figure in the OAV, if I may say so. The boys cross paths with two members of this family, namely...


He's a lot like Ken, except that he's got white hair. I think he used to have brown hair when he was a kid, though. He rides a motorcycle, carries a big gun, is the older brother of Kaori, and... *gasp*.. Weiß's first target, in the first OAV episode, Verbrechen. From what I have seen in the OAV, he's a pretty person. He loves his sister Kaori so much that he would lay down his life for hers. He's like Aya in that respect, I grudgingly admit. But that aside, he's also extremely protective of his sister, the origin of which is probably because both their parents are dead and he's the only family his sister's got, and vice versa. He's very brave too. But yes, just like Ken, he did make some stupid decisions in his life...well, don't we all?


Is the younger sister of Akira. She's pretty, sweet, and a little bit on the quiet side. She's also somewhat of a computer expert, though not as much of an expert as Omi.^_^ That's just my very biased opinion. Anyway, she's friends with Omi since they go to the same school. Same form as well, I think. Her computer expertise soon led her to trouble. And her friends, as well. As for her family...well, she seemed to love her brother very much. After all, he's the only one she's got.


The main enemy in the OAV are men in uniforms. Specifically, I think, a certain section of the American Armed Forces, sent to Japan for something. Two central antagonists are namely...


Lieutenant Colonel Nichol, I believe. If you've watched the OAV, he's the bald guy who killed the prostitute at the start of Verbrechen. He's ruthless, he's a bastard, and he's an all-around bad guy. Of course, it doesn't hurt that he's got some cash as well. ^_^ Heh. Cash. This is exactly why the prostitute died--because of some cash. >_< Tch, the things people do for money...anyway, I might as well come right out and say it...he dies. He's one of the targets in the first episode. His role will get clearer (or more blurry, depending on how you look at it) as soon as I get to the OAV summaries. But for now, bye bye Nichol, and hello...


This guy's the main antagonist in the OAV. Everything that has happened in the OAV are all part of his plan. The main problem in the OAV are the conflict between Aya + Yohji and Omi + Ken. It was Weiß vs. Weiß, and it had all been Powell's idea. The rest of the characters were just pawns to make the plan work. So what can I say about him? Well, he's got some grudge against Persia and Weiß, I can say that much. He's also conniving, ruthless, and pretty smart. Yeah, smart. But apparently not that smart. There are some things that happened which he didn't quite expect nor predict, but I won't go into detail about that here. Anyways, he's definitely no Brad Crawford.^_^

Kaori's classmates

These three girls are Kaori's closest friends and cohorts in the world of hacking. For them, hacking was just a "game" but unfortunately, their "game" soon led to their untimely demise (tsk, tsk, tsk...). They are, namely...


She's the cheerful, bubbly companion of Kaori. She's noisy, she's loud, and sometimes flirty (she flirts a bit with Yohji in the OAV). She's also trying to get Kaori to come out of her shell and...socialize more. A very, very good friend. I don't really like the way she died...it's...I don't know...morbid. Ick.


Another one of Kaori's friends. I think she probably had the most painless death...sat in front of her computer and fell asleep and died in her sleep. Still not a great death, but hey, at least it had been painless. She's also a computer freak, and a bit geeky, I'd surmise. Unlike Kaori's other two friends, though, she's never shown in the OAV interacting with any one of the Weiß boys (but maybe in school, she interacts with Omi...we'll never know^_^). She is, I think, roommates with another one of Kaori's friends. Speaking of which, her name is...


This girl is high school student by morning, and club dancer by night. I think a lot of Japanese high school girls are like this, typically. From what I heard (from friends who've been to Japan lots of times) lots of Japanese teenage girls are prostitutes by night. Allowances apparently aren't enough for their daily needs and wants. Personally, if I had guts, I'd get myself a really handsome sugar daddy. I want money...anyway, where was I? Right, Reina. From Kaori's three classmates, she's the one with the most significant role to the story. She's the one who informs Weiß (actually, Ken and Yohji) of why the American Armed Forces were after them, and stuff. Unfortunately, before she can tell them anything more, she is killed...shot to death at a high place, and of course, she falls down and dies a very painful death.


Apple-chan: Guess that's everything. Next is the Dramatic Precious Series characters. I was going to do the Dramatic Image Albums also, but I didn't like the stories there much. The plotline is not as solid and there are no really significant characters (for me, at least). But hey, if you wanna know what the Dramatic Image Albums contain, drop me a mail and I'll give you a play-by-play. Or I might ask Yohji to do it for me...

Yohji: You'll have to pay -ME- Apple-chan...

Apple-chan: Hmmph. I thought Aya was the money freak here...?

Yohji: Well, THAT may be true. Still...money pays for my dates, you know.

Apple-chan: But...I don't have a job yet, Yohji. I can't pay you.

Yohji: So I'll send you the bill! You can pay me when you get a job! With...*grin* interest, of course.

Apple-chan: *Muttering under her breath* Of course...

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