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Ohayo to everyone out there who is checking out this page! This is Omi Tsukiyono bringing you a complete list of all of Apple-chan's favorite webpages(actually, she asked me to host this particular area) the guys seem to have a lot of grumble about helping Apple-chan. I can't imagine why. I don't really mind helping her out. I like her.
Okay, she paid me to say that...just kidding ^_^..


A page dedicated to me. This one contains lots of photos of me and my friends in different places and missions. It also contains info about me, my life, etc. This page was made by Calico-chan, one of Apple-chan's favorite net people.

The first Weib Kreuz Site to be ever listed at the Anime Web Turnpike (and the first Weib Kreuz Website that Apple-chan has seen, according to her). This contains just about all the information you need to know about me and my friends.

Jey-kun made this page, and it contains virtually all the translations in all the Weiß stuff there is known to us. It's all red, and very very informative.

This is an all-white page made by YS, an excellent fanfic writer. A really nice page with a lot of great stuff about Weiß--like fanart and fanfics. Btw, YS loves Yohji-kun.

Not a Weiß Kreuz-centered page, but an all-around one. This contains fics, sounds, and lots of other stuff

Weib Kreuz Mailing List(WKML)

A mailing list dedicated to talking about me and my friends and our show and our seiyuus and other stuff.

Weib Kreuz Fan Fiction Mailing List(WKFF)

A mailing list of fanfiction (Urk! Just as long as they're not yaoi or hentai!)about me, my friends, and our enemies too.


A page with lots of fanfics and other literature about Weiß(that's us), Fushigi Yuugi, and GundamWing. And check out the Cyber Cookie hall, a new section that NightMajik added just recently.

This page is owned by one of Apple-chan's friend's friend named Joy Fujimiya (I wonder if she's related to Aya-kun or....? HEY! Is Aya-kun married already?). This contains fanfics about us, about Rurouni Kenshin, and other Anime'.


Reflection's page. Another Yohji-kun lover, as you will notice in her page. And another great fanfic writer, says Apple-chan.


Mark West's page. Really nice. Apple-chan got most of her images here. It's very beautifully-done, says Apple-chan.


Contains information, photo scans and a lot of other great stuff. This is another one of Apple-chan's image sources (but she says they don't know it yet...Apple-chan, you're dead meat...kidding!)

Wami Gateway

A Gateway to the peejis of one of Apple-chan's friends. I don't know if this contains anything about us but Apple-chan says this gateway leads to lots of stuff--anime, j-rock and boyband stuff.


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That's it for now. I guess you can go back to The Flowershop now. I still need to do something here in my computer and it's kind of classified. Don't worry--I'll let you know when we're finished with our new mission. Right now, you really have to go. No, no, I'm not kicking you out--I just need you to leave me alone....PLEASE?
P. S. The choice of colors in this page aren't mine--they're Apple-chan's so if you don't like them, tell her...OW! Ok...they look great, right? Please tell me they do. She's killing me! Ok, stay for a while...just tell me when you're ready to leave, OK?