The Flowershop: Everything you need to know

Um...hello...I'm really not good at this...welcome to this page! This contains stuff you need to know about this site. More correctly, stuff you might have wondered about while you were viewing the pages in my website. Stuff like the contents, backgrounds, all that people really ask about that?

But question or no question, I'm still gonna do this. Some bit of FYI for everybody's reference, or in case someone wonders about all that stuff in the future.

Anyway, I was gonna call this section "Frequently Asked Questions" but if the info is all about the crap about the site, it's not exactly frequently asked, is it? And besides, the term "FAQ" is really already too common.

SO, -ANYWAY- let's get on with it, shall we? I now present to you..."The Flowershop: Everything you need to know..."*drumroll*


Q.1: Why do(es) th(is/ese) page(s) look(s) like so?

a. Main page
No particular reason. The bg I made myself, modified from a Weiß pic. I couldn't seem to think of any other color motif so I chose the basics.
b. Aya's section
Modified that little Aya pic I was able to get. I couldn't find the colored Aya counterpart pix of Omi's, Yohji's, and Ken's (which I already have) so I decided to use the one I had. Note, however, that once I do find that red Aya pix, I'm overhauling Aya's section. Tch. That should make him happy.^^
c. Omi's section
I wanted to make this one really nice, since it's Omi's section and he's my favorite, so...the blue is for Omi...lucky someone gave me that blue Omi pic as a gift...this page used to be just plain blue, no bg, but since I got that pic, I used it. As for the format, the font and such...I thought it would be sort of Omi-ish^^
d. Ken's section
Ehm...this one used to have a b & w bg. I made that one, but it was crappy so when I got a hold of that purple ken pic, I decided to use it as a bg. As for the color combos, eh...couldn't think of any color that looks good with Ken's purple, >_< Ehe...he,he,he...
e. Yohji's section
Well, since this was the last section to be completed, I planned the format and everything...I got the green Yohji pic from a friend of mine and cut it down a bit, and decide to make it this section's bg...for obvious reasons. Well, if it's not obvious enough, I...well...since in the other two sections I used Omi and Ken's colored pics as bg's, thought I'd do the same for this one.^_^ Go figure. As for the red font, green bg, Christmas, get it? Hehe...
f. My section
Nothing, really. Will be changing this section real soon. Gonna make it a little more Apple-ish and less Weiß-ish. But I don't think I'll be changing anything much, just the colors and the font. I figured, even though I truly like Lucida HW so much, it's kinda hard to read, so maybe I'll use, like, Century Gothic or something. I'm still not sure.
g. Gratitude Panel
Well, I wanted to be a little parallel to the main page's theme, so black. As for the GWing pictures...I saw them, and they were really cute, so I decided to use them. Can't remember where I got them, though.^^
h. Image Gallery
Again, just going by the main page's theme. Basic columns sort of format, re-sized pix. That's all there is to it.


Q.2: Why are pages b-f named as such? why are their sections such?

b. Omi's Computer
Omi's Computer...since Omi's a computer specialist (I didn't want to say geek^^)I decided to have an Omi's computer. And what would a computer contain...? A database of character profile would've been nice, but I didn't want to do that, so I decided on a...links page! it's divided into several sections but everything's on one page. I get so busy, so I didn't have time to divide it up. And besides, I hate going from one page to another back and forth...makes me feel like a ping-pong ball, so I figured, my site viewers wouldn't want that too. Was I right? Let me know what you think.
c. Ken's Scrapbook
I couldn't think of any other name for Ken's section. I was thinking along the lines of soccer but what name could I have given his section? Ken's Soccerball? Ken's Cleats? Ken's Duffel Bag? Ken's Soccer field? A light bulb came in my head and the conclusion I had was logical, at least...logical enough, under the circumstances. Ken's Scrapbook! Containing updates!
d. Aya's Bookcase
According to profiles I've read, Aya's sort of the quiet, poetic type. I figured, of all the Weiß boys, he's the one most likely to be owning a Library. That's right. Way back, Aya's section was called Aya's Library. For obvious reasons, his section contains fanfics. But since it wasn't logical that a Library will hold just a small amount of fanfics, I decided to tone it a bit, make it a little smaller, so I came up with Aya's Bookcase.
e. Yohji's Mirror
Mirror, mirror...well, when I think of Yohji, I usually think along the lines of "obsessed with his looks," and "always likes to be handsome," not to mention "ultra vain." No offense to Yohji fans, what do you get when you put obsessed with looks + handsome + ultra vain? If you think of simple deduction, you can conclude that he probably likes looking and gazing at himself in mirrors. Hence, Yohji's Mirror. Hehe...
f. Apple's Pie
What's the first thing that comes to mind when you say, "Apple?" Well, for me, it's pie. Put the two together, and there you have it--"Apple's Pie." 


Q.3: How come this site doesn't have multimedia/videos/etc?

Uhm...some people have written to me suggesting I put up multimedia in my site. When i was just thinking up of making this site, I considered putting up a multimedia section. When I was in the process of creating this site, I realized what a tedious task it is to make and maintain. Sure, it's fun, but the time to upload and to create is just too much to handle, especially if you're only one person whose knowledge about net and pagemaking is only on the mediocre level. Not to mention the webspace multimedia takes up. Another thing is, at that time, I only had one Weiß CD and the only song it contains is "Fly"...that little cut in the soundtrack CD. The only way I was able to get a hold of the other Weiß songs was through downloading them from those sites which had them. And then I considered trying to upload them in my site...but uploading MP3s just take too much time...and I have my schoolwork and org work to think I had a job which takes up most of my free time. Okay...that's kind of pathetic ad misericordiam reasoning, why don't I just say I don't want to put it up? it's NOT really that I don't want to put it up, it's a question of IF I CAN ACTUALLY PUT IT UP. IF IT'S REALLY, UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES, POSSIBLE FOR ME TO PUT IT UP. Simple answer here is, it's not. And anyway, what would be the point of doing it if the only thing that's gonna be appearing on the page are a bunch of multimedia which came from other sites? That's the basic reason as to why I asked Omi to place a couple of links to multimedia sites in his computer. You can view them right here.


Q.4: How come this site doesn't have basic info on the guys and the other characters?

Your logical conclusion as to why this site doesn't feature such information is that "the webmistress didn't have time to put up the stuff." That's one way of saying it. Another way is, "the webmistress is too lazy to put up the stuff." Let me say this now, I may be lazy, but that's not the reason. Or the only reason, as it is. Thing is, MOST sites I've seen already have that stuff. Why would I say something about Weiß that I know a lot of people already know and that came from other sites? If you want basic info, go to White Pages or The White Cross. Here in Yohji's section, there's a character info that's mostly based from my own honest-to-goodness POV. It's got some basic stuff about them, too, only with a splash of my sarcasm, wit, and dark humor thrown in. Which makes it original.^^


Q.5: Why is this site called "The Flowershop"?

Uh...this one isn't too original. I considered calling this site Kitten in the House, but there's already a Weiß site with that name, so I decided on "The Flowershop". I wanted to stick with the Flower theme during this site's earlier days (that means June-July 2000) but well...I couldn't, so...I didn't. But anyway, regardless, I decided to stick with the name.


Q.6: Who is Apple-chan?

If you came as far as this part, I doubt you'll still ask that. I doubt you'll care, for that matter...unless you happen to want any of my pics or fics or any of my stuff and want to ask my permission to use them. Else, you've probably already surmised the answer. "Who else is Apple-chan but the webmistress of this site?" and leave it at that. You don't need to know anything else. After all, you don't care.
But cockyness aside, who am I? I'm the owner of this site, the name's Apple-chan, and if you want to see my profile and some of my own works, non-Weiß, click here.


Q.7: Why did you make a page for Weiß?

Well, if you're viewing this, a Weiß site, if you've seen the anime, if it came to your mind to buy any of their merchandise, if you've considered making your own Weiß site, if you ARE already making your Weiß site, if you already HAVE a Weiß site, the answer to that question should be quite obvious. But if you're not a Weiß fan, you never have seen it, and have no plans of checking it out anytime soon, then...WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!?!? GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM!!! Nah, I'm just joking. Seriously though, Weiß Kreuz is really worth checking out...the story's great, the characters are great, and the music's great...and those are the reasons, plain and simple, of why I made a Weiß site...


Well...that's about it...until I can think of a lot more stuff to add here, or if you have a question and it's just too frequently asked, I might add it here. Email me your questions at Ciao!

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