Weiß Kreuz: The Characters

Okee...let's divide this thing into several sections. Keep in mind, though, that I'll only be putting up important characters. Which means, NO ONE SHOT CHARACTERS. Only important, relevant, significant, material characters. Remember: some of the stuff here are my own take on the characters, so if you don't like what I say, you can sue me. You won't get anything, though.^_^ My parents don't have money, I don't have money, and I have no rich relatives. I do, however, have rich boyfriends like Syaoran, Quatre, Omi....*ducks as arrows and darts come her way* right! Sorry. I'll get on with it.

This section is divided into several pages. Three, actually. But I've taken the liberty of linking each of the characters for easy navigation, so you can click on your desired character. Or you can read everything. WARNING: There may be spoilers at each part, so if you don't know the series well yet and don't want to know until you've everything for yourself, um....close your eyes, k?

N.B. I'm also adding some info on the characters in the  OAVs and the Dramatic Precious Series, so if you haven't checked those out and don't want to know anything in it yet, you may also close your eyes.^^


Weiß Kreuz: TV Series

Weiß: Aya Omi Ken Yohji

Kritiker: Persia Manx Birman Botan

Takatori: Reiji Shuuichi Kikuno Hirofumi Masafumi Ouka Mamoru

Schwarz: Crawford Schrudich Farfello Nagi

Schreient: Hell Neu Schein Tot


Xs: Tomoe Sakura Fujimiya Aya-chan Momoe-san

Weiß Kreuz: OAV Series


Hibana: Akira Kaori

Americans: Nichol Powell

Kaori's classmates: Yukie Akane Reina

Weiß Kreuz: Dramatic Precious Series

Weiß Generation 1: Shion Rindou Ayame Azami

Takatori: Saijou

Twins: Uno Sano

Kurasuma: Yoshirou Setsuko Kenta

Kritiker:  Kurasuma Yoshirou Manx Birman

Crashers: Utsusemi Kagerou Yuugiri

La Morte

Xs: Kikyou Reiko Kana Iwafuji Nakatsugawa Kyousuke

Weiß Kreuz: Glűhen Series (based from what I know so far)

Sena Kyou Rex Toudou Hijiri



1. Character Name Spellings  I am no authority on name spellings especially in German or Japanese, but I'm spelling the names of the characters here as I know them. If you don't think I'm spelling them right, and it's an absolutely positively mortal sin to misspell their names, let me know.

2. Character Information  I've said in the beginning that this is my own take on the characters, but the usual info I give here are pure, unadulterated and real. Anyway, you'll know whether what I'm saying is pure information or pure opinion. Believe me, *you'll know* ^^

3. Extra Information If there is something here that I have left out, or a wrong information anywhere here, let me know, k?

4. Last One: Um..."Xs" means "other characters" ^_^. Heh.


Okay, that's it! You can choose to go back now to either Yohji's Mirror or The Flowershop. So where'll it be...?