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About Me
"So this is who I am,
And this is all I know,
And I must choose to live,
For all that I can give,
The spark that makes the power grow.

And I will stand for my dream if I can,
Symbol of my faith and who I am..."'re here! Great! That means you wanna know about me
! Sugoi! Read on!:):):)
NICKNAMES >>> Apple-chan, Apple, Max, Maximilian, Nurikoryen
REAL NAME >>> Apple  Santos (Li)
BIRTHDAY >>> May 20th, 1982 (on the cusp of Gemini and Taurus)
AGE >>> Too old for my saw my birthdate, you do the math:)
MARITAL STATUS >>> Single (married, if you count  times I've married every single bishounen I've fallen in love with since I was 13)
OCCUPATION >>> Technically still a student (of Japanese; I graduated College last April)
POSITION IN THE FAMILY >>> Youngest child (3rd)
HOBBIES >>> Watching television, surfing the net, working on my page, writing fanfics and novels and such (I've NEVER finished anything), going to school(^_^), hanging out with friends, singing, reading books, playing  RPG games, sleeping, collecting anime' stuff
LIKES >>> Anything chocolate and chicken, anything sweet, my friends, my family, and any anime' as long as they have  drool-over bishounen^_^...YAOI! I LOVE YAOI! I love Yaoi, Math, and Japanese. And English, too.
DISLIKES >>> Cruel people, bad people, coconut milk, cockroaches, heat (it's like, 97 degrees Fahrenheit  where I live) and big crowds.
DO I SMOKE? >>> Tried! Didn't like it, though^^
DO I DRINK? >>>, if I may say so...
FAVOURITE EXPRESSION(S) >>> I have several signature expressions, namely:
  • Huh??? >>> knowing how clueless I am, this is the expression you'll constantly hear from me, like, 90 % of the time.
  • Hell, yeah/no >>> something I recently picked up. It means exactly what it says^^
  • Eh...? >>> similar to  "huh" only this is the expression I use when I go online (got it from Li Syaoran)
  • Em... >>> Clueless indicator of my cluelessness (ultra-redundant)
  • Umm, yeah... >>> What I say when I forget/I'm not sure of something
  • Duh! >>> My expression of exasperation, something not even my Communication professors can't take out of my system even if they fail me^_^
  • Rargh! >> Indicates annoyance and yup, also exasperation. And yup, speaking of which...
  • Yup >>> The "confidently sure" version of "Umm, yeah"
  • Gads >>> An expression I use when something goes out of hand
  • Oh, cripe... >>> When something sucks, or when I get into a situation I can't get out of, I say this^_^
  • Okee >>> This expression I've been using only recently and you may have noticed it on this page. It's what I say when I can't think of anything else to say. And it's also a variation of "Okay".
DO I SWEAR??? >>> Ocassionally. Colorful words, you know. "Smart ass," "SOB," "Bloody f**king hell," "Piss off," stuff...
AM I HONEST? >>> I'd  like to think so...YES, I AM. Most of the time, at least. About 75%.
Okee...I'll continue this fact sheet when I think up of something else to say about myself. Meanwhile, that picture on the right? That's me.^^
This is what I look like in the CG world...^_^
Ow-kee...maybe that's dreaming a bit too much. Oh, well...I can dream, even if it's too far off to reach (unless someone develops a contraption that will allow human beings to become CG' geniuses, WAKE UP!^^). Well, at least now you know something else about me.
And what is that something else??? It's this: I LIKE BEAUTIFUL GIRLS. I LIKE THEM A LOT. I HAVE THIS THING ABOUT THE GIRLS IN ANIME'...I forgot the Otaku term for that...but anyway, one of my favorites is Quistis Trepe, the girl in the aforesaid picture. She's cool, and very much a hottie!!!^^ There's another girl in FFVIII I really like--it's Ellone, that girl whom Squall keeps calling "Sis" for other anime'...I love Kishu Arashi of X/1999...and then there's Yukishiro Tomoe, Kenshin's wife...umm, who else...umm...Tsukasa Shuro of Ayashi no Ceres...and Ceres of Ayashi no Ceres...and Tokaki, the Byakko Seishi in Fushigi Yuugi...and...Aeris Gainsborough of FFVII, KOS-MOS, from the PS2 game Xenosaga, and...hmm...
OH, OH! Imagine me mentioning the girls in Anime' I love...I should also mention the boys I love. Now this is a LOONG list:
Ranma Saotome >>>my first ever anime' crush
Koenma >>> his pacifier doesn't hinder his beauty...
Quatre Winner >>> This platinum-golden-haired millionaire has both the looks (not to mention the money) to charm all women. Of course, there's also his silent, shy nature, his soft, graceful ways, his love for music, his intelligence....*sigh* I could go on forever...
Chou Ryuuen, aka Nuriko >>> Who wouldn't fall in love with this lovable, brave, understanding, funny...I could go on forever. It doesn't matter if he's a man or a woman. As Miaka in FY's Ep. 33(;_;) said..."Nuriko wa...Nuriko da yo," meaning "Nuriko is Nuriko."^_^
Recca Hanabishi >>> this ninja lunatic is H-O-T...and I don't just mean his flame power
Suzaku Sei-kun >>> The face...the eyes...THE WINGS!!! OH MY GOD! THIS GOD IS GORGEOUS!!!
Kaworu Nagisa >>> It doesn't matter if  he only appeared in one episode (and two more in the "End of  Eva " OAV)...he's still HOT!!!
Aoshi Shinomori >>> This trench-coated guy armed with the Kodachi swords should have his own show...calling Nobuhiro Watsuki!!! Make a novel for Aoshi-sama!!!
Issei Nishikiyori >>> For those who don't know, watch "Please Save My Earth". God, this guy is just like Quatre, only dark-haired...his hair is always neatly in place...he dresses like a model, his face is so *sigh* and....he's a little on the effeminate side...AND I LIKE IT!!! The reason for his "effemination" if there is such a thing, is...well, wouldn't wanna spoil the story for you, ne?
Helios >>> I seem to also have a weakness for white-haired bishou, as you will notice^^. This person...em, creature is from Sailormoon Super S, as in Sailorchibimoon's boyfriend, aka Pegasus, that guy with the golden horn. I LOVE HIS HORN! It adds character to him, IMHO.
Sephiroth >>> This  FFVII villain is one of the HOTTEST villains I've ever seen...IMHO if I can choose who would kill me, It's OK if it's him^_^.
Brad Crawford >>> Alrighty, I seem to also have a weakness for bad my opinion, Crawford, aka the Oracle of Schwarz, is TOTALLY HOT. Enough said.
Schrudich >>> I've never quite figured out how to really spell his name, matter. He's COOL. Really COOL. And his mental telepathy is the COOLEST...Okay, I'm gonna shut up now. 
Vincent Valentine >>> This guy is also MAJORLY HOT!!! This FFVII character is a vampire (a cute one) and if I wanna be the victim of a vampire, the vampire might as well be him (or Tom Cruise...)
Squall Leonheart >>> least 90% of the people who see this guy at first sight exclaim and gush over how handsome he is. That's a fact...but what I love about him (aside from his looks, and it doesn't hurt that his father is the president of the richest country in FFVIII world^_^) is the way he narrows his eyes...and that "...whatever." *sigh* personally, I don't like Rinoa because she changed him so much in such a short time, and IMHO it doesn't work like that in real life. But anyways, that's the story of Square Soft, RPG god...
Laguna Loire >>> For those who've played FFVIII, you know who he is. For those who haven't, I'm not gonna spoil the plot for you by telling you who he is. Just suffice it to say that he's a hottie like Squall above^_^.
Irvine Kinneas >>> This guy sort of reminds me of Yohji...he loves women, he wears cowboy hats, his hair is long and brown, and he's arrogant^_^. What do I like about him? HIS GUN. The EXETER rocks, and he looks SOO GOOD when he battles...(GRIEVER...SHI-NE!!!!)
Ferio >>> Okay, wake up, Magic Knight Rayearth...the last time I've seen this was Freshman year in highschool. Or it could have been the year before that. Anyway, this guy's hair just caught my eye one day and ever since then, I've been crazy about him.
Vivi Ornitier >>> I consider this little guy a bishounen because...well...BECAUSE HE IS. Enough said. His tall, pointy hat and those two yellow dots that are his eyes and his ability to cast powerful magic upon his enemies and his quiet ways and his niceness and...kay, I'll shut up now.
Larva >>> This monster is SO COOL. Enough said. And it's also cool that Miki-san voices him.
Hideaki Asama >>> Arima's sort-of-bestfriend in the Karekano series. He is TOO funny for words. He's pretty cute, too.:)
Wei Fei-Li >>> One of the COOLEST villains all over the anime world. He looks a little bit like Hikou of FY, Chichiri's best friend. For those who wanna see him, check out Ayashi no Ceres.
Aki Mikage >>> his alter-ego is the baddie, Shiso. Actually, it's Shiso I really like. What can I say? I have a weakness for bad and hot bisshies^_^. Also in AnC.
Yuuhi Aogiri >>> MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE in AnC. He's the COOLEST. He is. Those chopsticks are something. He's kind of a mixture of Tasuki, Keisuke, Tetsuya and Tamahome, both in looks and personality--FOUR BISSHIE all ROLLED into ONE neat PACKAGE!!! Cool.
Li Syaoran >>> The CCS hero, for those who don't know (Like who doesn't?). My boyfriend (I -AM- Sakura Kinomoto, after all^_^), and one the coolest of the coolest characters in CCS, emotion-wise and plot-wise. And that cute FROWN is one BIG PLUS. I love this guy. I really, REALLY do.
Hiiragizawa Eriol >>> Like duh. He's wayy up there with Syaoran. Mysterious bishounens are soo HOT, ne? He's no exception. of course.^_^
Yuki Eiri >>> Of Gravitation. He's hot, he has a temper, he's mysterious, he's a novelist, and he's a YAOI character. No women competition to speak of with him! He's the absolute bisshie!
The Sohma Boys and Men >>> Of Fruits Basket. Like, all of them fall into the bisshie criteria, even Akito:) They're all nice, sweet, handsome, cute, and ABSOLUTELY rich. Enough said.
Domyouji Tsukasa and Hanazawa Rui >>> The Hana Yori Dango men:) Absolutely lovable, these two. You can't help but love them from head to toe!
Seiten Taisen Son Goku >>> The cutest, most lovable character in Gensomaden Saiyuki!!!
Toushin Nataku Taishi >>> Wayyy up there with Goku is this cute Nataku:) Honestly, I even named my favorite teddy after him...
Kurosaki Hisoka >>> My favorite Yami no Matsuei character. Darn it, those eyes just CAPTIVATED me...*faints* And he knows budo, he's an empath, he's sixteen, and *faints again*
Tsuzuki Asato >>> Alright, so I have a thing for him as well...*sigh* can't help's the EYES, the PUPPY, and the Shikigamis...
Mitsui Hisashi >>> My ultimate favorite SD character:) He's arrogant, obnoxious, immature, loud, and TOTALLY wonderful:) Oh, and he's a sharpshooter...on-court and *wink, wink* off-court....^_~
Gaignun Kukai Jr. >>> The sixth member of the Xenosaga team from the Xenosaga game. He's cute. I'm a sucker for young bishounens, sue me. He's cute, with red hair. Wanna know more about him? Check out the game, Xenosaga. It's a little bit of a cliffhanger, but it's really great. Right up there along with Final Fantasy.
Cloud Strife >>> Okay, I thought I wouldn't fall for him, but I did. Playing the game (FFVII), you really won't be able to help it. He's a bit like Squall, only blonde, a few years older, and a little bit more demonstrative of his emotional side. Just a wee bit. I love him, really and truly.^_^
Asakura Yoh >>> He's my newest catch. The hero of Shaman King, I think Yoh is totally COOL. He's so laid-back, and kind, and sweet, and so STRONG!!! I love him!:)
Asakura Hao >>> I recently picked him up as well.:) He sort of looks like Yoh, only bad:) And we all absolutely positively LOVE bad guys, ne?^^
Omi Tsukiyono >>> My LOONGEST most prevalent obsession so far is Omi Tsukiyono, aka Mamoru Takatori, aka Bombay, aka the computer whiz kid of Weiß Kreuz, age 17, image flower freesia, image cat (?) Bombay, hates celery...I could go on forever. This guy is the sweetest, nicest person in the whole Weiß series. He's the hottest, too, IMHO.
Alrighty, maybe I'll end this section with that. At least, for now. Until I can think up of something new I discovered about myself, this section's O-W-A-R-I. Enough said.
Oh...and the quote above was taken from the song "Immortality" by Celine Dion and the Bee Gees^_^.
Well!!! I hope that answers all the questions you wanted to ask me about myself. Ja neee~~~!!!
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