kawaii!!! *footsteps* Hnngghh...

*louder footsteps* Hnngghh...*yawn* YEOWCH! What're you doing!?!?!? Oh, it's you...*groan* Apple-chan...I don't know why you had to drag me out here in the middle of my beauty rest...you know, lots of girls will be waiting for me later tonight, and I need my sleep so that I'll be really, -really- handsome when I face them and I won't have circles under my eyes...eyebags are so -majorly- unattractive, you know...uh...what? *looks around* Huh? *looks around again and rubs his eyes for a bit* What the f...HEY! WHY THE HELL DIDN'T YOU TELL ME I HAD AN AUDIENCE?!?!? Apple-chan, I'm gonna kill you, I swear to God I will... *glares at Apple-chan darkly* and this time I REALLY MEAN IT!

Alright, alright....I'll calm down for a bit long enough to do what I was ordered...no, obligated....okay, PAID to do...Just you wait, you f**king piece of rotten fruit...YEOWCH! *Yohji ducks as a 500-page book sails over his head*

*magical makeover* Ahem! YO! Hello, ladies and...*cough* gentlemen. So glad you're all here! Wow! I cannot believe you all came here to watch me host this page...well, I won't disappoint you, because as you probably know, it's a great honor to be viewing something hosted by none other than the handsome and smart and charming and wonderful--YEOWCH!--Yohji Kudo! *big grin* Consider yourselves lucky!

Well, I'm here today, and this section I'm hosting is unfortunately not dedicated to me. Or just me. It's dedicated to everyone in our anime. This section contains everything and anything else about Weiß Kreuz that Aya, Ken, Omi, and that f**king piece of rotten fruit, Apple-chan left out. And I can tell you now, there's a lot of stuff they left out. Like describing how cute I am, for instance...*ahem* anyway, the fruit's gonna be hosting the other pages, not me. She only paid me enough to host one page. But you know, Apple-chan, give me another list of women's phone numbers and maybe we can talk about it...*huge grin*

Hrrrmph. Never mind. Let's get down to business. Here are the pages you can view on this section as of now.

Weiß Kreuz: The Story as told by Apple-chan

Weiß Kreuz: The Characters

Weiß Kreuz: Seiyuus, Creators, etc.

Weiß Kreuz: Weird Trends

The Flowershop: Everything you need to know

The Flowershop: And then some

smooth, yotan...Just click where you want to go, and I'll take you there, no problem! But I'll be leaving you there. How sad. But hey, *grin* you can always come back! And besides, if you get lucky, you might just see me popping occasionally on one of the pages to give my side comments. But I won't tell you when or when! You'll just have to find out.

NOW, let's get back to you, you f**king piece of rotten fruit...mwehehehe....so, how do you want to die--sliced or diced? Maybe...*sinister grin* chopped...*sounds of someone running* JUST WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING?!?!? BACK TO THE FLOWERSHOP, YOU SAY? Oh, no you don't!!! *Yohji chases after Apple-chan*

*Apple-chan appears, huffing and puffing* Hi everyone! I need to do this fast coz that fruitcake Yohji's after me...okay: All original content here is (c) 2001 by me, Apple-chan. Please ask permission first, should you want to use anything here. And oh, yeah...*loud footsteps* OH NO! He's on to me...One last thing: Yohji Kudo is (c) 1999-2000 by Project Weiß. This page is best viewed using IE 5 in a 32-bit 1024 x 768 True Color resolution, and having the Lucida Sans and Verdana fonts are pluses. *louder footsteps* GOTTA RUN! BYE! *Apple-chan rushes off*

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