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Sue Me
Wednesday, 7 April 2004

Elections are coming up in the country next month, and a lot of these Politicians, I think, need to see The Passion of The Christ before they even think about doing what the hell it is politicians do. This movie will either have a positive or negative effect on them. On the positive side, it might be able to convince them that they'll never live up to Christ and the sacrifices he made for his people and thus, give up their vigil and drop out from the running entirely because they'd realize that the Filipino people are beyond saving if our only option is to let them sit on those thrones of power and allow them to exploit those thirteen pieces of silver Judas tried to return to Caiphas but most predictably failed to do. Fact is, he could have returned that money, but he could never take back what he did to Christ. And yes, the only way he could ever atone is through death.

If you asked me, if a lot of the Filipinos suddenly lose their minds and pull a Judas (the Judas repenting, not the Judas selling off Christ to the Pharisees), I think the country would probably lose around...seventy percent of its population, thus eliminating overpopulation and a lot of other third world problems besides. Not that it would ever happen, of course. Obviously, people find it easier to pull a Judas without repentance and the rewards overshadow the stirrings in the conscience that must surely be there.

I guess, if given a choice between Peter and Judas, I'd rather pull a Peter, but I'd still prefer to pull a John; at least he was loyal through and through.

John the I'm really glad that I've studied most of the New Testament of the Bible during elementary school. I think if I had taken a course in Theology during college and someone told me that Jesus loved John the Beloved more than any of his disciples, I think I might have laughed out loud. I mean, think of all the decidedly OBVIOUS connotations of it. Jesus and I knew the Bible was into homosexuality. First, there was Jonathan and, Jesus and John...and later on in the Acts, Paul and Barnabas. Wow. Yaoi is so prevalent, even during the early Christ times.

Of course, that doesn't mean I've lost my respect for Jesus Christ. Truth be told, I respect him a lot more now; he's actually very open and free with his own sexuality. Now there's a thought to ponder about, closet kings and queens.

So anyway, on the negative side...politicians might see the movie and suddenly idolize Caiphas and those other Pharisees. This is more likely to happen, I guess. More sinners in the running, methinks. Anyhow, seeing those Priests made me realize that, no matter what timeline you happen to be in, things remain the same. There are those people who conform to whatever the higher power says, never mind what they think and feel is right. There are those people who go by what they think and feel is right--and are therefore persecuted. And there are those PRIESTS who ALWAYS dictate what people should and should not do and who should and should not be punished and what is right and wrong...and they're ALWAYS right. And then, there are those like Pilate who remain on the middle lane of things, either to keep the peace, keep their positions, or keep their own heads.^^ I'm on Pilate's side, mostly because it's the safest, but really, sometimes it's even more sinful to force ourselves to be mute, blind and deaf. Indifference and apathy could be two of the worst unspoken crimes, because here, we deny justice to those who desperately need it. We allow murderers to walk free.

But it's still more scary to keep our consciences clear and die for it...

We can never really win. There's always a blind side to every option. Life is a double-edged sword.

If there were more people like Jesus Christ, the world would be a better, much safer place to live in. But that can never happen.

Do I sound like I'm losing hope? Maybe. But isn't this logical (though at the same time hopeless) as well? I think it is.

Current Mood: Reflective (Passion makes me think)
Current Music: Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas by Sharon Cuneta (I told you I've been watching too much soap)

P.S. I just remembered one little Quiz I took on What Were You Like In High School and I was...a GEEK. Yeah.^_^ I'm very proud of it. I'm not your typical geek, but hey, if reading up on a lot of stuff and studying and liking Algebra, Biology, Chemistry, Literature and History falls under this category, well, hey...I'm a proud little highschool geek. At least I wasn't one of the bully crowds.^_~

Or maybe I -was- both a geek -and- a that possible?

Posted by apple-chan at 1:06 AM JST

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