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Sue Me
Monday, 1 March 2004

Translated, this word means something like, "great tragedy." I'm using this word partly in honor of the Super Ferry IV that burned and sank (half-sank, really) just recently, and partly in honor of my learning a new English word. Gotterdammerung is actually German, adopted into the English language, like many others before and after it. I got this from a book which is increasingly becoming one of my favorites, called "How to Build A Better Vocabulary." Yes, yes, I know, I -am- a geek (self-confessed), but the book is very interesting. I never even knew that "mesmerize" actually came from a person's name (someone named Mesmer, I believe) until I read it. And there are tons of othe really interesting words besides. I can certainly use more words, since I plan never to stop writing no matter where life takes me. Writing stimulates my brain, and my brain could always use more stimulating.

So, what else...ah. Yesterday was February 29, a leap year--and Omi's 24th birthday, to boot.^^ It gives me pleasure to know that at least, as I grow, all my favorite anime characters grow with me. Most of them, at least. Ren's now 18, and Pilica just turned 17 some weeks ago, and tomorrow, Jeanne's going to be...14. In May, Yoh and Hao will be turning 19, and Lyserg will be 18 just like Ren. Good to know that everyone's maturing, at least, technically.

Speaking of Omi (first), I haven't done much writing for several months on A Few Good Men, and I really want to. Although I know now that it's Mary Sue-ish (according to Nitpicker's definition of Mary Sue and that on Writers' University), I don't plan on giving it up. I've got something good mapped up, I know I do. Lots of people have told me so as well. And something good is not worth giving up for, just because it's...Mary-Sue-ish. And besides, nobody actually cares. My readers like it, in spite of the existence of Futora (or maybe because of it...she's quite a character). So yeah. I plan on finishing Chapter 6 sometime soon...maybe at the end of Navy and Azure and the subsequent side stories. Which means, sometime in April. Maybe.

Speaking of Ren and Pilica (second), I've finished the Epilogue for Navy and Azure some weeks ago, and although I do think there might still be a couple of kinks here and there, and some weird stuff someplace, I believe it's already along the lines of...good, and worth posting. And I -will- be posting it...soon. Right now, my goal is March 2--Jeanne's birthday, which means, I need to finish up the two lemon side fics I promised by...late tomorrow. And I will try to finish them. The main thing is I won't be posting the Epilogue unless I finish the lemon side fics. And since I haven't posted for a month (the longest for SK, at least), I have to do that soon. And rest assured, I -will- try.

Speaking of Jeanne (third) there's something weird cooking up in my brain...some new stuff for LXJ (and a bit of LXS, too--honeymoon scene^~). It details preparations for their wedding, and some lemonish side scenes during their dates. Honestly, I don't know what it is with the two of them. I've never been -this- obsessed with any pairing before. Anyway, these scenes might go in with Prelude to Destiny, so they're not gonna be useless. At least, if I get to write them. As for the LXS honeymoon scene--I might add this up to my list of SK smut side fics, something new for Reen, to make up for the lateness of the one she requested.

Speaking of Reen, that gets me to thinking about...a little testimonial I wrote for someone, which I don't mean in an offensive way, but sadly might have come out offensive. I'm not sure. While I was writing that, I was just thinking that, she knows my humor, and she knows how crude and sick we can get with each other, so she wasn't going to take it least, I hoped. I carelessly sent the file, without even reviewing what cruel content I might have managed to concoct somewhere in my hastiness. Hopefully she isn't going to hate me for what I wrote--because I meant it all as a nice, friendly joke. But I do know, sometimes I can be cruel and tactless...I certainly hope -that- wasn't one of those tactless times.

For the record, it's not Reen, but someone we both know. Will not go into detail with the name here.

Speaking of that, something someone in a mailing list kinda made me think: a little dare about an AU SK Prom fic. My mind has been whipping up something of that sorts for everyone for a week, and maybe I can get it written up sometime, hopefully this week.

Tomorrow, I'll be writing another entry--a review for the ending of Final Fantasy X, which I finally saw early Sunday morning (around 1:30 am). A review of sorts for the ending, as well as the boss fights before it. Yeah. For tomorrow.

Current Mood: Excited (The Academy Awards is airing tomorrow morning, 10am. Or later this morning, rather).
Current Music: I Love You More Today Than Yesterday (but not as much as tomorrow...? Forgot the title. Is that it?).

Posted by apple-chan at 12:51 AM WST
Updated: Monday, 1 March 2004 3:47 PM WST

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