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Sue Me
Friday, 20 February 2004

There's a problem with my PC at home...something quite major when it comes to me. For some reason, it refuses to check my emails and refuses to let me upload or fill out forms. I don't know why. But the thing is, I CAN SURF. I mean it.

Sometimes, when it gets temperamental (semi-nice), it lets me do my uploading and emailing. But mostly, it just sits there and goes into error mode whenever I check my email. I've checked my PC all throughout and I know it's not the OS's problem. It might be the modem, although I don't know how the hell that could possibly be. I mean, I can surf, I can read stories and such. How can it be the modem?

I think I'd better ask my brother about this.


Meanwhile...I'm giving myself until sometime next week to finish Distractions and Disturbances and What Detectives Do After A Case. I'm itching to post the Navy Epilogue. I don't know if I've polished it to it's finest, but I'm getting tired of seeing it unposted. It's been done for a whole week now.

Anyway, it's there. So I'll just have to motivate myself in writing those lemons. Thing is, everytime I try to work on them, I end up working on something else. Like last night. I got the Hao-seduces-Jeanne sex scene written up (I've written the Lyserg-seduces-Jeanne sex scene already, last week I think). I'm not posting it here. I'm waiting until I finish the next few parts of seduction. It's going to be so much fun.^^

Current Mood: Nervous (Sae Kurosawa creeps me out...and those Kiryu twins *shudder*)
Current Music: Fatal Frame II Theme (when you save)

Posted by apple-chan at 12:05 PM WST

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